Sunday, January 11, 2009

Knowledge Sharing - Testing

This is a preparation for tomorrow SDF class. A recap of the Testing methodology. Just some sharing on Testing.

Work Products of Testing

Test Plan (Composite deliverable)

Define what will be tested.
Consists of
1. Test Approach
2. Test Scenario
3. Test Condition and Expected Result (TCER)
4. Test Cycles Control Sheet (TCCS)
5. Test Script

Test Approach (First Step of any Test Stage)

Define details test stage based on Testing Strategy that defined in the Planning Stage.
Consists of
1. Test Overview- Test Objective
2. Stage Containment - Entry and Exit criteria
3. Test Environment
4. Test Tool

Test Scenario ( Part of Test Approach or TCER, no need separate deliverable)

Describe Functional or Technical area that need to be tested in High Level.
No Test Scenario for Component Test.

Action, Expected Result

Test Cycles Control Sheet (TCCS)

Define when and by whom, the test cycle are executed.
Used by Test Execution Team
Logical grouping of Test scenario and condition

Test Script
Consists of exact step of execution that Tester must follow.

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