Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tired working life

Wow.. It is tired. OT everyday for two weeks , 5.30 am wake up, 11pm reach home.

Not because of the difficult of work , but is the difficulties cope with new environment.
This two weeks is really hectic. Work with my boss Whye Kong, doing the first "Proposal"
in firm. Learn how to email ppl and ask fro info,learn how to combine the info become presentable material.

I remember one fre told me : "We dont't do what we like, but need to like what we do ."

This is most important, and we should remember.
Will I get the reward? Haha.. Still a long way.
I need to learn more, learn their style to work, to live, to talk.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My First Working week

It is really exciting !!!
Doreen Wong, HR manager conduct the 3 days orientation.
Then doing CBT at the next following 2 days.
Have not assigned into any projects yet. Hope can enroll into project , and start my On-the-Job training asap.....